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Conestoga College Supply Chain Excellence Symposium 2018

Sustainable Competitiveness: Effectiveness, then Technology

Magna Centre for Supply Chain Excellence, Conestoga College
Thursday, October 25, 2018

Located within the Toronto-Waterloo Innovation Corridor, the Magna Centre for Supply Chain Excellence at Conestoga College works with government and industry partners to address Canada's productivity challenge and the urgent need for skilled supply chain specialists to meet current and emerging business needs.

This October, the Centre is pleased to host the college’s first Supply Chain Excellence Symposium at Conestoga’s Doon campus in Kitchener.

This full-day symposium features a diverse group of industry experts who will provide attendees with practical, immediately implementable knowledge to address the dynamically complex challenges facing their organizations.

About the symposium

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Senior level managers in the private and public sectors face the same challenge: how to deliver increasing customer value and increase sales while improving productivity, operational and financial performance, and striving for long-term sustainable competitiveness.

Given the current state of global social economic uncertainty, and the complex challenges your organization faces each day, how do you even decide where to begin?

While investment in technology is necessary, it is not sufficient in addressing the challenges faced by your organization. Your organization, and many others just like it, may not have the human or financial capital to consider investing in such technologies. Others may invest in technology without truly understanding its impact, often resulting in unintended negative consequences. The reality is that organizations must first place their efforts and resources on improving system effectiveness in delivering ever increasing customer value and productivity. Only then should investment in technology occur. Effectiveness first, then selective investment in technology where appropriate, in a never-ending process of innovation, knowledge creation, continuous improvement and value creation.While investments in technology are necessary, they do not address the challenges faced by most organizations. The reality is that we need to focus efforts and resources on improving system effectiveness to deliver increased customer value and productivity. Effectiveness first, then selective investment in technology, where appropriate, will result in a never-ending process of innovation, knowledge creation, continuous improvement and value creation.

This cycle generates much needed financial and human capital and improves operational financial performance, allowing organizations to leap ahead of the competition and establish sustainable competitiveness in the process. To achieve this, a transformation in thinking and behaviour is required.

Through industry experts, this symposium will outline an approach to improving system effectiveness through improved operational and financial performance, productivity, and increased customer value delivery.

 Topics to be covered include:

  • System thinking
  • Understanding variation
  • Value Stream Mapping project presentations
  • Organizational knowledge creation and innovation
  • Human behaviour and effective leadership.


Schedule of Events

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Guest Speakers

The last day to register Monday, October 22.

Registration fees:


  • Early bird registration on or before September 10: $295
  • Registration after September 10: $395
  • Group registration: after September 10 the first registration fee is $395 and each additional registration from your organization is $295
  • Individual academic registration: $75
  • Individual student registration: $50

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299 Doon Valley Drive
Kitchener, Ontario
Doon Campus
B Wing
Blue Room (1B18)

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