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 Everyday Goods and Services

Enjoy the benefits of being a Conestoga alumni today. As an alumni, you now have access to special discounts to the following:


KWKLY is a Conestoga Alum founded start-up that delivers convenience items & every day essentials to customers in 30 minutes or less. KWKLY is different from other delivery services because it uses a system of “Micro” Warehouses to deliver to customers in this super fast time frame. KWKLY carries the stock that they offer on their app so all orders placed are delivered from the nearest warehouse to the customer’s door. Their goal is to create sustainable jobs for drivers while offering true convenience to customers. Instead of using “GIG” economies, KWKLY pays drivers a fair hourly wage, plus 100% of the tips earned from the deliveries. COVID-19 safety protocols are adhered to at every step to ensure safety for all team members at all stages of the delivery & ordering process. This whole process is all for a delivery fee of $1.99 for Kitchener, Waterloo and select areas of Cambridge. 


KWKLY is set to expand into the GTA and surrounding areas in 2022.


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